• Jaime Reeves

Let the Pendulum Stop

Life and motivations swing on a pendulum (think grandfather clock). In the fitness industry we see so many people swing back and forth from the side of super strict diets, insane training regimens, #NoDaysOff. To the side of self depreciation, hating their bodies and not treating them well.

What we know about a pendulum is it always comes back to the middle. This is where true self love lies. Not swinging too far one way or another, but being content out of the extremes. Exercising and eating well because we love the way we feel when we do. Not feeling the need to go to extremes of pushing crazy hard in the gym when our body isn’t ready, not restricting the food we eat because that piece of pizza won’t give us the results we want. But also knowing that our body and mind crave movement and nourishment so we take care to eat quality foods and move well when we can.

Everyone’s middle will look different and will evolve over time. If you’ve never worked out before, joining a gym and going HAM six days a week won’t leave your body feeling happy and healthy. Maybe you need to start going for a walk with friends a few times and week and learn how to do some basic strength movements or get into yoga.

If you’re a regular gym goer with a basic routine, maybe it’s time to up the ante a bit. Toss in some new more challenging workouts and see how amazingly your body adapts and responds. You have the base to be able to push yourself that extra mile every once in a while.

These markers change for everyone over time. Injuries, illness, family problems, working changes can all affect where you are at and how much you can handle. The key is to stop swinging back and forth so far. True consistency is letting your pendulum stop in the middle. Quit forcing yourself on these unrealistic plans only to give up completely and not want to exercise at all. That balance looks different for everyone and will take a lot of trial and error to find but when you find your comfy spot where you feel your absolute best, the swinging slows and you can enjoy life without stressing about making the “right” choices.

Looking for some help finding that balance? Let’s talk! Send me a message and let me help you find the right nutrition and exercise combination to help you feel your absolute best.

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