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How to "fix" a body you hate.

I would place my money on saying more than 90% of people in the gym hate something about themselves. Whether it's their weight, a certain body part, or just their whole damn selves (I've been there and I still go there some days), most people are in the gym to "fix" something about themselves and they think they will be happy when they "get there".

Today's chat is about how this can be such a damaging mindset for both your mental and physical health. My goal for you is to come to the gym as a reward and treat for a healthy body not a punishment for a shitty one. Now I wish this was a step by step guide but self love and mental health doesn't work that way. I'm going to give you some suggestions in no particular order and you are going to try and implement them one at a time. Pick the one that sounds the absolute easiest first and go from there. Make it too easy to start. That is the best way to build these habits for life-long love and success.

Words Matter

You've probably heard that quote about "if a friend talked to you the way you talk to yourself you would think they're an asshole". It sounds so cheesy but it's true. It really has to start from yourself. You have to be your own best friend. The words you use every day when you look in the mirror matter. This can honestly be one of the hardest changes to make but so so effective! Start by forcing yourself to say one nice thing about yourself every day. At the start, I don't even care if you mean it. That's the funny thing about our brains. They take input and don't always care how real it is, they will keep taking it in and taking it in until you start to believe it. Find one thing to compliment yourself on each day until you mean it!

Second, stop talking shit about yourself to yourself. Don't be that bitch. You shouldn't do it behind your friend's back and you certainly shouldn't do it to your face. The next time you find yourself ogling that roll in the mirror or picking apart that "trouble spot" quit it and immediately give yourself a compliment instead. Tell yourself there's nothing you can do right this second to "fix it" so you may as well not waste any time on it.

Toss up post it notes on your mirror or car dash or at your desk with the cheesiest most motivational sayings you can find. The cheesier the better. That shit will slowly start to sink into your head until you start finding how it is true in your every day life.

Reward Yourself

You have a body that just got you through another day of the grind. It needs a reward. How do we reward our body for another great job done? No it's not pizza, chocolate, and booze. That's what our brain wants for a reward. Our body wants nourishing food, lots of water, and some nice deep breathing.

We have to stop looking at these things as a punishment that we need for a crappy body. Look at these as ways to reward a body that we love. As I mentioned before, the words we use around these moments matter way more than we think. We stop using bland, super restrictive meal plans and learn how to create meals that are nourishing and delicious. We don't HAVE to drink 2L of water every day, we get to sip water all day long to keep ourselves hydrated. Meditation and breathwork isn't that annoying thing you keep putting off, it's a chance to decompress after a stressful day.

Stop Giving a Shit

Whether it's on social media, in the gym, or out and about, people care so much about what everybody is going to think about something, they stop caring about what they think of themselves.

When was the last time you typed out a caption on an instagram post only to retype, and retype because someone might think it was stupid. I used to do that shit all the time. Honestly, it definitely still creeps into the back of my head. I see it so much in the gym, people afraid to try something new because somebody might think you look stupid. What I actually need everyone to know is, EVERYBODY ELSE IS DOING THAT TOO!! We are all so self conscious of our own shit, we literally barely notice other people around us.

Luckily 2020 has brought my Give A Fuck meter to an all time low and I am loving it! There are no rules because nobody currently knows what the right thing to do is, like ever, and I plan on taking this attitude with me for life. The next time you catch yourself not making the decision that YOU want because of what SOMEONE ELSE thinks, give life the big ole middle finger and do what is best for you. You know you better than anyone else and other people's opinions don't have to matter unless you want them to.

If you started to look after your body like it belonged to your best friend and you were just borrowing it for a little while you'd stop doing such shitty things to it! These mental and physical changes can go a long way to effecting your gut, your hormones, your stress levels and who knows, you might end up finding that ten pounds finally fall away or you might end up just not caring so much that it's there.

Either way, that sounds like a win to me.

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