• Jaime Reeves

How to "build" a body you love.

In a previous post we chatted about how to stop hating your body. Because so many people are in the gym to change the way that they look, it can stem a lot of times from a place of hate. Working out with that mindset can be damaging to both your physical and mental health. If you haven't read that one yet check it out here.

Once you have begun to work on some of those pieces of loving our bodies for everything that they do we can start to play with the gym and seeing what our bodies can do under the right circumstances.

I see way too many people coming into the gym doing workouts they absolutely hate because it's the "right workout" for the results they want. My biggest recommendation here is to change that shit up. We have to look at the stress we're putting on the body and how it is affecting it. If you are stressed because you hate the workout and then stress your body with that workout, you are doubling up on the damage to your body without realizing it and this can actually be detrimental to your progress.

The other side of this is if you hate your workouts, the chances of you doing them consistently drops dramatically. Then it doesn't matter if you have the "best workout ever" if you're not doing it, you're not getting results.

Play around with different styles, try a class, go with a friend, work with a trainer that can give you some new ideas to keep yourself interested and having fun. This is where you will see the results in growing that body you love.

I love looking at my own training as an experiment. I have such a big background of training styles that I like to play and see how my body reacts to different workouts. I don't walk into the gym with the purpose of changing my body away from something that I don't already like. I have worked hard to get to a place that I am happy with what my body can do today but curious about what changes it can make.

I have the knowledge to know what kind of things I need to do to get to certain goals and what styles of training I actually like. I have my loves and my hates and I make that work for me. My workouts are never a punishment for what I ate or drank on the weekend. They are always enjoyable. Do I miss some occasionally? Of course! Do I go extra hard the next time because of it? No! Because that's not how the body works.

Consistent enjoyable work over time will get you that body that you love. It really is that easy!

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